Monday, 31 January 2011

Bad mood bear

Been in a horrible mood the past week because of feedback and things. I think I'm all ranted out though, everyone in the class is pretty angry.

The long and the short of it is that I have to decide what profession I want to follow and then aim for it! Simple right? In theory yes but I really want to work in the movie industry sculpting and casting special effects. Which has nothing to do with illustration ):

So I'm going to get a low grade and my tutors can't help me make my portfolio. All by myself... Don't wanna be... Ahem

Well anyway I keep trying to pull my socks up and get on with it but I'm finding it hard. It's okay though, if I keep pulling my socks up occasionally someday they'll stay up and I'll be fine again. For now though I'm procrastinating going into uni again by venting here.

I find making creatures is the most soothing thing I can do right now. I made a gryphon and he looks great apart from a bizarre small head - I keep blaming his floofiness but I think that's avoiding thinking about how it's probably my bad sculpting. I took photos and wrote notes throughout the whole process so there is a tutorial in the works. I wrote a good half of it yesterday. Here's a sneak peek.

It's about 30k pixels long at the moment though which is mad.

I ordered some marbles the other day and they arrived. My initial idea was to polish them up a little then take a cast to use as a mould for making eyes but some of them are so beautiful I might just use them as eyes themselves! That means some big creatures in the pipeline...

I sold three creatures in the past week. Odette, the floofy hamster griff, the blue Stiltikins commission and Dikdik! Dikdik, the first cool creature I made has been sold to an amazing BJD artist in France who is very excited about getting him, which is lovely. He'll have a great time being surrounded by beautiful naked BJD girls.

Right got to pull my socks up again, I WILL try and keep this journal alive.

Over and out