Friday, 9 April 2010


So hey I just opened a new DaWanda shop! I've been lurking in the etsy forums and the favourite topic of conversation is generally how everyone's sales and views have tanked since the 7th of March (or near that time). It's kinda funny, that's the day I started up my shop on Etsy! I haven't made a sale either though, and I find my pageviews tend to rely on whether or not I've posted in the 'critique' forum.

Anyway to try and make sales everyone says get a twitter, start a blog, make a facebook group... All well and good but as it is there's only one person following this blog, haha! (Hi!) So made a twitter (Magweno) and picked up this blog again but I'm not going to make a facebook group. I think that's for the pros...

So I'd like to start following some other artisan's and illustrators blogs, I found a couple on LupinHandmade's facebook group but for some reason others seem a bit elusive.

Anyway that's my introduction for anyone coming along.

I'm currently working on making some strange baby-owl face beanbag/plush things. Here's a photo of what they look like so far...

Hehe, a bit weird. But I think they'll make a nice affordable alternative to the full art doll creatures in my etsy shop at the moment.

I went home for easter and we went to Puddleduck Patch, the local quilting and craft shop, for some lunch. They have some new GORGEOUS vintage bundles on sale, and I just couldn't resist despite being incredibly poor at the moment. My lovely mum bought them for me, aren't they sumptuous?


I'm also working on my children's book for the Macmillan competition. I have four spreads, the title pages and end papers to do, then I have the four colour images. The title pages and end papers won't take too long to do but I am worried I won't get the coloured images done to the standard that I'm happy with. Should probably stop rambling on Blogger and go and do some work, eh?

Here's a sneak preview of spread 4.

Smiling is Dragonfly's favourite expression...

Finally I played a bit with some hand lettering for my new DaWanda banner, I made it my blogger banner too, what do you think? I'm quite pleased with it.

So I'm going to go back to browsing etsy and dawanda now - I may introduce myself. And hey if I pointed you here, leave a comment, say hi!


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