Saturday, 21 May 2011

Degree Show

The Degree show opened yesterday and hundreds of my postcards and business cards have been taken, so I think an update is in order! Just a short one because my dad is visiting the show today and I have to go and meet him.

For starters my contact details are
Mobile: (+44)7805 988160

I got a 2:1 for Scuttle the animatronic brownie and all my work this year which has made me SO HAPPY! It really has, I feel like nothing could get me down right now. There's been a lot of partying in the class and a lot of good, fun, happy times. I'm really going to miss everyone when we graduate and leave Dundee.

My special effects work in Khaled Al-Hurby's interactive zombie film got some interest from the BBC but I was a dumb dumb and didn't give Khaled any business cards so I think I missed that opportunity. I sold one resin bug yesterday to the head of the departments daughter, but I think everyone elses prints sold like hot cakes, the shop was heaving!

There are commissions on the go as well, poor Galidor still hasn't been finished and after that I have Nebel the grey gryphon to make, which should be pretty straightforward. After that I'm going to take a break for a little bit and make some non-commission dolls because I want to experiment with techniques and designs a little.

Okay I'd better hop it, if you're reading this after visiting the show then thanks for coming!


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