Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Awesome Discounts!

Since the DD I've had a lot of people asking about custom orders, which is great! The only problem is they've only been asking and as a jobless student I feel I need to provide a little incentive to make the deal sweeter.

So I'm proud to introduce to you, my wonderful readers, excellent commission discounts especially for you!

Click here to visit my etsy shop and put these fab discounts into effect!

10% discount for blog readers, just put CARELESSWHISPER25 in at the checkout!
10% discount for repeat clients.
Free gift with purchases over £50/$80! Secret goodies, yay!

Customs are at a fixed £40 + P&P. P&P charges range from £5 within the UK to $11 for the US.
With 10% off that's only £36 + P&P!

Wow sweet deals and massive savings!

So what are you waiting for? Go and buy some dolls! Or that song by George Michael will continue to haunt you. I'm never gonna dance again/the way I danced with you-hooo

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