Sunday, 27 February 2011

An Eventful Week

To Begin With : The Robbery
On Wednesday a random stranger walked into my flat, went into my room and took my Wacom Intuos3, Nikon D40 then went to the hall and took my handbag, which had my Panasonic Lumix, Mini Diana and iPod Nano in it (but thankfully not my purse, keys or phone). Where was I? In the kitchen. Where were my flatmates? Ones was in his room, one was at work and the other was with me, in the kitchen. How long had we been in the kitchen? Twenty minutes, max. The front door was open because there were three of us in the flat. Can you believe the audacity of some people?

The thief left the tablet pen so he was obviously looking for shiny expensive things. The police said these people are looking for quick money, anything that looks expensive. After thinking about it, he probably could have got more from the xbox games sitting in the hall, because as far as I know gamestation don't ask questions but pawnbrokers do.

Either way it looks like I won't be getting my kit back. The realisation hadn't sunk in on the day (happened about 5pm) but on Thursday I couldn't concentrate at all. When my insurance company rang about my claim they managed to reassure me a bit though - as long as I have photos of my stuff then that's proof enough for them.

What Happened Next : Commissions
On the same day I got two commissions and sold two dolls (which is strange in itself!). Both dolls have been sent to their new owner, one was a commission and the other was a doll I listed just after her commissions which she snapped up because she said she just had to have it.

That's riiight, I finished the cat-dragon commission!

I'm really proud of how it came out. The fur was a little crispy, next time I'll just find a matching colour I think. I'm especially pleased with the furry mane and the green spray at the end of it's tail - both from the feather variety pack I got from Lakeland Fly Tying. I would never, ever have bought feathers like that but they really were useful!

The Future : Work

The two new commissions are very different. One is a magpie/snow leopard gryphon and has been painted and varnished. He looks great, but the paint is shiny and the matt spray I bought is terrible.

Because both my cameras were nicked I can't show you progress photos. (it feels like I'm missing a limb) But I'll take him into uni on Tuesday and rent a camera. If the insurance company can't get me the exact model then they send me a cheque, which means I could maybe reconsider my initial choice and get a Canon instead. I do like the Nikon d40 though, it was humble and did the job well.

While I was writing this I got another commission from a pal on DA. Here is what she would like, I think it looks awesome:

I'm thinking about using bird fur for the green sprays and I love the gold scales. She said the design is based on a kirin, which is cool because I haven't done a water horse since the Kelpie.

That commission is third in line though, here's what's coming up next:

Woof! Really exciting.

Also apart from those I have a little fun art trade going on with Claire Borwell over at Fish & Bird. She's ma homie, and I totes love her art so she's painting me a picture all for me and I'm making her a doll all for her. The animals I got yelled at me were "COCKEREL, MONKEY, DUST BUNNY". I haven't sketched it out but my imagination is running wild.

As For Uni...
Just don't get me started...

Talk to you later compadres!


Georgie Lowen said...

Maddy! I forgot you had a blog! Follow mine!


Mads said...

I already do Georgie! xx