Sunday, 27 February 2011

An Eventful Week

To Begin With : The Robbery
On Wednesday a random stranger walked into my flat, went into my room and took my Wacom Intuos3, Nikon D40 then went to the hall and took my handbag, which had my Panasonic Lumix, Mini Diana and iPod Nano in it (but thankfully not my purse, keys or phone). Where was I? In the kitchen. Where were my flatmates? Ones was in his room, one was at work and the other was with me, in the kitchen. How long had we been in the kitchen? Twenty minutes, max. The front door was open because there were three of us in the flat. Can you believe the audacity of some people?

The thief left the tablet pen so he was obviously looking for shiny expensive things. The police said these people are looking for quick money, anything that looks expensive. After thinking about it, he probably could have got more from the xbox games sitting in the hall, because as far as I know gamestation don't ask questions but pawnbrokers do.

Either way it looks like I won't be getting my kit back. The realisation hadn't sunk in on the day (happened about 5pm) but on Thursday I couldn't concentrate at all. When my insurance company rang about my claim they managed to reassure me a bit though - as long as I have photos of my stuff then that's proof enough for them.

What Happened Next : Commissions
On the same day I got two commissions and sold two dolls (which is strange in itself!). Both dolls have been sent to their new owner, one was a commission and the other was a doll I listed just after her commissions which she snapped up because she said she just had to have it.

That's riiight, I finished the cat-dragon commission!

I'm really proud of how it came out. The fur was a little crispy, next time I'll just find a matching colour I think. I'm especially pleased with the furry mane and the green spray at the end of it's tail - both from the feather variety pack I got from Lakeland Fly Tying. I would never, ever have bought feathers like that but they really were useful!

The Future : Work

The two new commissions are very different. One is a magpie/snow leopard gryphon and has been painted and varnished. He looks great, but the paint is shiny and the matt spray I bought is terrible.

Because both my cameras were nicked I can't show you progress photos. (it feels like I'm missing a limb) But I'll take him into uni on Tuesday and rent a camera. If the insurance company can't get me the exact model then they send me a cheque, which means I could maybe reconsider my initial choice and get a Canon instead. I do like the Nikon d40 though, it was humble and did the job well.

While I was writing this I got another commission from a pal on DA. Here is what she would like, I think it looks awesome:

I'm thinking about using bird fur for the green sprays and I love the gold scales. She said the design is based on a kirin, which is cool because I haven't done a water horse since the Kelpie.

That commission is third in line though, here's what's coming up next:

Woof! Really exciting.

Also apart from those I have a little fun art trade going on with Claire Borwell over at Fish & Bird. She's ma homie, and I totes love her art so she's painting me a picture all for me and I'm making her a doll all for her. The animals I got yelled at me were "COCKEREL, MONKEY, DUST BUNNY". I haven't sketched it out but my imagination is running wild.

As For Uni...
Just don't get me started...

Talk to you later compadres!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Bad Case of the Moonies

When I started sculpting with fimo it was in the usual over excited manner I begin every project: running around frantically gathering supplies, telling everyone I know about this brand new brilliant thing I've discovered and then dive-bombing into the deep end. I love the deep end of the pool, I spend hours there. I used to think I was an otter when I was younger. Wait is this literal or metaphorical?...

Anyway I start everything fast. Usually if something isn't meant to be it'll get dropped within a few months. Like the owl hats and quilts ; I don't sew much anymore. Sculpting though... Now that's the future.

If only I could get rid of these stupid moonies.

These are moonies. This is a bad case of the moonies. This made me kick my oven and storm around my flat in a foul mood for half a day. This was a perfectly baked sculpt going in for it's third go when my oven decided to have one of its hissy fits and cranked itself up to 200C.

The temperature knob span off a few months ago and our landlords keep saying they've fixed it. We have an oven thermometer but I'm not going to crouch in front of the oven for half an hour just to make sure it doesn't suddenly jump to 200C. (Actually I am contemplating that now - cup of tea and some sewing, it'd be like watching telly.) I'm sick of not being able to eat roast chicken, I'm tired of being unable to heat pies, but most of all I'm furious it gives my carefully sculpted creatures moonies.

Moonies happen when polymer clay is exposed to extreme temperature change (as far as I'm aware) and sometimes when there are air bubbles under the clay. Considering my cat had been baked twice already and come out moonie-free, I'm putting it down to heat...

I'm hoping that sanding them down a bit and then painting with acrylic washes (which I was planning anyway) will hide them well enough. BUT SCULPTORS BE WARNED! There be nothing as terrifyin' to a man as the dreaded moonie....

Okay enough about that. This week I sold another doll! Hooray!

The goat is going to the Netherlands.

I also finished another doll whom I love and want to keep. He is the gorgeous fluffy Vindur, the moon gazing gryphon...

He's based on a harpy eagle and a lamb, more eagle than lamb though. You can go to his Etsy listing for more pictures and also if you feel inclined to give him a new home!

My next doll is going to be the opening picture, a commission from a BJD maker in France. Here's the sketch I'm going by, she asked for an eastern dragon crossed with a cornish rex cat, with purple, girly pink and grass green colourings.

The WIP picture is that poor moonied doll you saw above. I have sewn the fur and plan to dye it some more tomorrow evening and maybe paint it too, then glue on the feathers and extra bits on Tuesday. Can't wait. After that I'm going to start another doll. I bought a variety pack from Lakeland Fly-tying and HOBOY it's so awesome, got some really beeeaaauuuutiful feathers. And despite Vindurs wings being quite small I used two whole saddles to make them - so I reckon this pack will go fast...

Okay off to bed now, over and out comrades!

If you have a custom doll request or question then don't hesitate to contact me.
maddington.bear at

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Awesome Discounts!

Since the DD I've had a lot of people asking about custom orders, which is great! The only problem is they've only been asking and as a jobless student I feel I need to provide a little incentive to make the deal sweeter.

So I'm proud to introduce to you, my wonderful readers, excellent commission discounts especially for you!

Click here to visit my etsy shop and put these fab discounts into effect!

10% discount for blog readers, just put CARELESSWHISPER25 in at the checkout!
10% discount for repeat clients.
Free gift with purchases over £50/$80! Secret goodies, yay!

Customs are at a fixed £40 + P&P. P&P charges range from £5 within the UK to $11 for the US.
With 10% off that's only £36 + P&P!

Wow sweet deals and massive savings!

So what are you waiting for? Go and buy some dolls! Or that song by George Michael will continue to haunt you. I'm never gonna dance again/the way I danced with you-hooo

Monday, 7 February 2011


A little update

Waa too many competitions and group challenges and stuff!
I'm going to make a little list of some I plan on entering/partaking in to keep myself all in order

Winged girl and her winged companion competition
cool fairytale competition, which I can't enter but will do anyway
Alphabestiary - what an awesome portfolio filler theme. really cool creatures too
Create by week stock challenge

I just put four armatures in epoxy too so one
something to do with this:

Also I got a Daily Deviation on deviantart a few days ago! Hooray! Fame! Sort of.