Saturday, 1 May 2010


Badges... Or necklaces?

This is a photo to show you HOW MESSY I am with resin. I said to myself yesterday "when I make these badges I'm going to be really careful with my resin, don't want it going EVERYWHERE like last time". I partly succeeded in that I didn't get it on the table, just all over the baking tray (and my trousers). This is because I was using chopped up plastic bottles as a resin mixing recepticle instead of a pouring... thing...

Resin is tricky stuff. All these badges have SO many tiny bubbles it almost makes it look cloudy sob sob. I heard holding something hot over them makes the bubbles rise and burst but I don't have anything hot other than my hairdryer and that makes the resin go everywhere.

Also this was the last of my resin, the remaining few drops, so about quarter of my carefully peeled, baked, glued and 1st layer of resin-ed badges won't get finished unless I buy ANOTHER 600g tub, and that would last me forever. And I don't have any more teeth, and although they are cheap I'm not sure if I should make a GAZILLION more badges or not...

I don't know if this is enough for the Jamboree or not. There are 27 here and I have a few rubbish ones from the last set, I just ordered a butt-load of mini cards from Moo as display holders...

Nevertheless, whether I do buy more supplies or not, my favourites out of this lot are the two top left, the blue floaral Liberty print. The white fabric went see-through so now it's beautiful swirly blue flowers on a slightly pearlescent shiny background. Awesome.

In other news

OWL HATS! Loads of them! These are for the Jamboree too but they are on my Etsy page until then. And THESE ONES HAVE POMPOMS! Woooo! They took forever to make but the price is still $30/£20. Bargain.

I tried to make one with lining and FAILED miserably. ):

The badges will be for sale in a few days, once the resin has set properly and I've glued the pins on.

Over and out amigos!


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