Saturday, 15 May 2010

A small update


Practicing for the Jamboree. They're honey cupcakes with honey icing, and were very delicious but too honey-ish. I think the next batch I make will have a lemon cream cheese icing instead of a honey icing -- it was too sticky too, if people were to eat them at the Jamboree they'd get sticky blue fingerprints all over everyones work- nightmare.

BUT they were yummmmmy


Aspen said...

RECIPE. NOW. *shakes with excitement*

Mads said...

I used greek yoghurt instead of buttermilk because buttermilk DOESN'T EXIST in Britain

Aspen said...

it doesn't? D:

That's madness!
How do you make buttermilk biscuits?! buttermilk syrup?! buttermilk pancakes?!

Mads said...

american recipes lol
We don't has them!
Buttermilk is just adding acidity so you can put a bit of lemon juice in milk or use yoghurt orrrr something else... I forget what. I usually use the lemon juice in milk thing cos it's nice.

Caitlyn said...
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