Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I getting really panicked for the Jamboree. It's on Monday and I'm going to be in Glasgow most of the weekend. Do I have enough? Do I have too much? Should I make more owl hats even though it's so hard to sell them? So instead I decided to calm down and look at it as a fun time, it's nic-nacs I've cooked up.

So in light of that I made these harbls, haha, they're great. They're weighty and fluffy and stupid but they look so silly lying around the sitting room.

I also tried out a new pattern for making gryphons! And thus the monstrosity was born:

Bear with me! Imagine him in lovely colours with a soft, luscious coat instead of that hideous, cheap black rubbish. Yeah? Maybe?

It was an experiment with needlefelting to see if I could make manes and plumes and whatnot and I can. They're rather firmly stabbed in! Now I just have to make one I'm actually happy to sell hehe

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Orrivar said...

Love em, specially the one on the right, real attitude. Gryphon..want one in palomino.
Dont panic about the weekend, worry is futile, enjoy instead.