Thursday, 6 May 2010

Moo Cards! & I passed 3rd Year!

My mini moo cards have arrived and promptly been turned into tags. In retrospect I sort of wish I had designed a blue one but hey, noted for next time.

Also bails and necklaces arrived yesterday so I made bottle cap necklaces!

I wonder if they'll be popular, a few people have suggested making necklaces of them and now I have. We'll just have to find out at the Jamboree...

In other (exciting) news, I got a B2 for third year! Celebration! I had a B2 for the mid crit but I managed to get my research and development up a couple of notches. I'm so pleased. Especially considering this time last year I JUST scraped a C3.
Aims for next year: A.

Rob bought Rock Band Beatles and 2 so now my good crafting intentions are being tainted by singing loudly and playing a fake guitar.

And finally, there was an awesome, AWESOME market in town today. I wish I was a millionaire.


1 comment:

Aspen said...

Dude, acting like you can actually play a fake guitar is obviously the best past time. the BEST.